Saturday, February 20, 2010

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IMAGES and Dan Deacon
SUNY Purchase, let's party and chill
Pictures from Michael Kulick's show will be up soon from the AV Fashion Week show
Tonight we will be proving the...

This is what happens when I catch snippits from other people's conversations.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

so fucking catchy it should be illegal

It's 2010 freaks! Get Ready for Rum Diary.

So the movie production of belated writer, journalist, inspiration leader to an occult of freaks, Hunter S. Thompson's novel Rum Diary is said to hit theaters this year. I've been following this hype since the beginning and after months of delays, a change in directors (Bencio Del Toro to Bruce Robinson) and a walking-on-eggshells-approach to production, it is finally 2010 and eager fans are awaiting its arrival. Photographs of Johnny Deep, yes he is back again, as protagonist Paul Kemp crusing in a red stingray have leaked and though it is only February, one wonders whether this movie will come out this year.

Deep has always been a busy beaver and with Alice in Wonderland coming out next month, it will be some time until Rum Diary hits the big screen; thought it's not likely that a movie based on a Thompson novel could ever steal the thunder away from a Tim Burton film like Alice. But as a diehard Thompson fan, I'd prefer Kemp over the Mad Hatter any day.

It is possible for this movie to go straight to DVD or even just play in select theaters for no more than a couple of weeks, similiar to the 2008 Hunter documentary, Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Like the man who wrote the novel, this production will indeed be a feverish ride for a certain kind freaks so don't be bummed if said predictions are true. For those not familiar with the plot of Rum Diary, google it. For fans looking for updates on the release of Rum Diary, stay posted.


-----> Virtual Tour of Michael Kulick's Artwork CHECK THIS OUT!

This is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. I heard my cousin, Mike Kulick, talking to me for some time now about this guy who was making this incredible website for him. It's a virtual gallery of his artwork, paintings, drawings, you name it. You enter the site like a museum and use the "Tour Left" and "Tour Right" buttons on the bottom to browse through his work. There are buttons to take closer looks at the pieces and even a virtual elevator to take you to another floor in the Michael Kulick virtual museum. You have to play around with it to get a good feel but it's amazing. Granted I have seen all of these pieces in person but being away at school, it's like walking through my house. I'm stoked!


                                          Portrait of Rembranbt by Michael Kulick
                                                                 4ft x 3ft oil on canvas

4ft x 4ft oil on canvas

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He calls this one "Anxiety"

Title: Anxiety
4ft x 4ft oil on canvas
If you were to see this up close in person it would blow your mind with the amount of detail in it. Someone please advise me to how to get this guy on SUNY Purchase ahora!

always puts me in a good mood

7 Skulls...of madness

7 skulls by Michael Kulick
I walked down into my basement where this mastermind lives and he says "Jess come here. This is it. This is my greatest piece." I continued to stand in front of it for almost a half an hour. This picture doesn't do this painting justice, especially since it stands over 6ft tall. I advise everyone to buy a ticket to his show this Friday. If not, visit my home on Long Island and buy an original Micahel Kulick piece. My house is an art gallery. No joke.

Michael Kulick (painter) ArtShow

This Friday, Feb. 19th, my cousin and personal idol is having a HUGE Art Show in Manhattan for a Fashion Show for upcoming designers. He is the featured Visual Artist for the show. Not only his is style innovated, creative, LOUD and sheer awesomeness but this show is a big deal and you should go. I believe the cocktail hour begins at 7pm and goes until 10:30pm. Roy Arias Space 300 43W street, 5th Floor, NY.

Tickets are available at as is further information on this show.

check out Michael Kulick's artwork in my links (Michael Kulick's Artwork and Michael Kulick - Fine Art America)
find him on facebook and myspace.