Tuesday, April 27, 2010


btw I'm watching Hellraiser and eating eel. It's pretty sweet.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Be Water My Friend

So I'm a martial artist and a huge fan of Bruce Lee. I went home this past weekend to my small suburban town in a cluster fuck of suburban towns on Long Island to see my family and friends. I walk down to the basement where my cousin, NY artist Michael Kulick resides and works and as I descend the creaking stairs with its walls colorfully painted with faces of kings and queens I saw, leaning up against the wall...my idol. This painting stands 72in x 54in and is pure Michael Kulick smoking a cigarette watching videos of Bruce Lee and sees a vision in his head. The result: a painting of epic proportions, not following the norms of traditional painting techniques, one of nearly a hundred diverse paintings accumulated in the basement of my Bethpage home. This oil painting is one of many portraits of historical figures and icons Michael Kulick portrays in his own self-developed style of copious color, fine detail and surrealist influence. Every time I walk down those creaky stairs into his studio, his home, his place of creation, I encounter new pieces I've never seen before, anywhere. He is truly unique; truly real.