Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Never Ending Family Promotion

Michael Kulick NY Artist is the next big thing. Seriously though. My cousin is better than your's because mine can paint his ass off. Can you paint your ass off? And then paint yourself a new ass? Check him out and let me know what you think.

@cervsyaright on twitter. follow me and let's discuss.

It's been nearly 6 months

Since I last blogged and it's atrocious and I'm sorry and once I get a better smart phone I will be on this jump off like a viral video. So hide ya kids, hide ya wife, I'm back on this. Thanks to the Social Divas. I'm getting motivated and focused and doing my thing which is being successful. Watch me fly.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer, when will it end....

The power that a lot of people wish they could have would be to rewind time and change the past. I'm over that. Really. I try not to dwell on the past. *lie* But if I had to choose, I'd much rather be able to fast forward time. Not saying I want my already short life to become shorter but if I could fast forward to September, I'd do so in a heartbeat. I'm telling you straight from my aching gut, life is stagnant here, oh is it boring. I can't work here. The air is too heavy with bullshit. Too many stupid people are running around. Even the fun est things in the world! like omg become boring quick. I need to be back at school. SUNY Purchase, I never thought I'd say this but I miss ya homie, my word.

Besides the fact that I need to puke, all the time, this place is killing me. Want to hear something wickedly ironic: this place always killed me, softly and slowly. Oh ever so slowly to the point where I said "ayeee it's not that bad." Out of all the people, places, things and molecules in this world that would benefit immensely, greatly with a fast forward button, my dream, my pretty little pony that I know I will never have in my life - that fucking >> symbol was given to none other than this place. This place, this place where I live and all it's stupid people, over crowded parking lots and those who hold me back is now killing me faster. FASTER! This place gets the power to kill me faster while my summer feels like it's in slow mo.

I'm being punished and not in a good way. I need an escapEE. A clever one with no good byes and hassle. I need time to speed up, not gonna lie. But I got to go vomit. later.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's the worst that can happen?

Do we debate and guess at the possibilities of the rows of uncertainty or do we choose a column of action or inaction to prevent the most terrifying result of them all - global catastrophe?

Blast it, the bass drop is too good to be true

The Last Video of the In Studio Interview

So now parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all up on
Be sure to watch them all and get the scoop on the up and coming NY visual artist Michael Kulick.
I'm tell you guys, his work is freaking amazing. The diversity in his work and the amount of work he creates in just a few months! He's incredible. Makes all of you with art degrees look like elementary kids with crayons. OHHHH HARSH!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Part 3 of 4 - in studio interview with Michael Kulick

Almost there! 3 of 4, watch it.

Straight Outta Compton

So I'm sitting at my desk and my roommate goes, "soooooo NWA is going to have a movie written by Berloff."  A movie buff herself, she got pumped, as did I. Andrea Berloff, the writer from Oliver Stone's World Trade Center, has taken on the provoking and tenitive project Straight Outta Compton, a movie about early 90's west coast rap group NWA. Considered the pioneers of gangster rap, NWA has fucked the police straight from the underground with jerry curls and beepers since 1989. Ice Cube, the rapper turned actor, was the first to leave the group and has agreed to produce the movie. The NWA movie has been in talks for a little over a year now but the band wagon seems to be rolling along now that critically acclaimed writer Berloff has decided to work on it. Will hip hop fans be delighted or just straight disappointed? The late Eazy-E's character portrayal will deffinitely be under the spotlight and whether Dre will act his role is still in the works. I'll keep you posted but until then...

Part 2 of 4 - In Studio Interview with NY Visual Artist Michael Kulick

Check out this homemade video! Totally low budget, totally unscripted, totally real interview with an up and coming NY Artist, Michael Kulick. WATCH IT!!!

You Tube Videos of NY Artist Michael Kulick

So I made my way down to the inner parts of Long Island last weekend where my cousin, NY artist Michael Kulick, resides and works. We decided to make a four part segmented video interview of him in his studio. With the interviewer behind the camera, myself, Mike talks one on one about his passion, his life, painting. This first video is a 6 min segment of his studio that scans the room which emcompasses some 80 paintings tacked high against the walls. The video is also a short one on one interview with Mike talking about his work. Check it out!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


btw I'm watching Hellraiser and eating eel. It's pretty sweet.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Be Water My Friend

So I'm a martial artist and a huge fan of Bruce Lee. I went home this past weekend to my small suburban town in a cluster fuck of suburban towns on Long Island to see my family and friends. I walk down to the basement where my cousin, NY artist Michael Kulick resides and works and as I descend the creaking stairs with its walls colorfully painted with faces of kings and queens I saw, leaning up against the idol. This painting stands 72in x 54in and is pure Michael Kulick smoking a cigarette watching videos of Bruce Lee and sees a vision in his head. The result: a painting of epic proportions, not following the norms of traditional painting techniques, one of nearly a hundred diverse paintings accumulated in the basement of my Bethpage home. This oil painting is one of many portraits of historical figures and icons Michael Kulick portrays in his own self-developed style of copious color, fine detail and surrealist influence. Every time I walk down those creaky stairs into his studio, his home, his place of creation, I encounter new pieces I've never seen before, anywhere. He is truly unique; truly real.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chillin' like a villain

So I'm chilling, listening to Black Sabbath. Fell upon this song on a shuffle of their albums; I have all their albums by the way (uh oh, a pretentious gratuitous side comment!). Off their debut album Black Sabbath (1970), listening to Ozzy's voice and Geezer on bass reminds me of being a kid. My dad was a big Sabbath fan as is my cousin, Michael Kulick. I'm supposed to be doing homework for my class Making the Case for the Arts. Instead I'm listening to Black Sabbath and digging through my cousin's online inventory of artwork and pictures. Paintings, drawings

 masks, sculptures, old pics, good times, kind of missing being at home, looking foward to the summer and Leggo time. I feel like I have the attention span of a goldfish. If my mind took a breather I'd probably critque some really great pieces or maybe I'd write a poem or make my bed. Laziness. It's such a bizarre phenomenon. "Johnny Blade". Sonya Blade. Have you ever flown a kite? If I were a banana.....

<--I might look like this. I cannot tell you how weird of a mood I am in. I'd insert an inside joke but you'd have no idea what it meant. Significance is the reason why you are here. Does any of this have any significance to you? I sure hope so.

I suggest you watch this video. Or better yet, just play it and in a different browser search the web for interesting things. For me it's paintings, drawings, blogs and muslce cars? I told you, it's a weird wednesday morning. Chill out my people. But in a good way.

BROWSE and may the force be with you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Follow this artist, now!

So I've been briefly telling/showing you my cousin's artwork. I have shared links to his facebook fan pages, posted pictures and now Michael Kulick has a twitter! Follow him and see where he is in regards to certain paintings he is currently working on. Be inspired, because I know I am. ^^Click on his name above, Michael Kulick to be directed to his twitter page.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's got to be viral

Linking. Keywords. Blogging. Followers. Html. Twitter. Facebook. Myspace. Marketing. Googlereader. Spiders. Tags. Labels. Authority. Youtube. Livejournal. Rss feed. Link to me. Tweet. Headhunters. Identify. Hits. Credibility. Command. Widget. Link. coding language wow.

In the town where I was born, there was a man who sailed to sea...

It's been a while. My bad. I have so many pictures and things to talk about. I'm in the middle of doing laundry though. Opps. Anyway, more viral marketing knowledge to be learned later. I'm also going to update my brief on estate tax and Obama's proposal for lower charitable giving tax deductibilies later tonight too. Not going to lie, this post is primarely to put a code from Technorati in it. Ha!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

the purchase graveyard

IMAGES and Dan Deacon
SUNY Purchase, let's party and chill
Pictures from Michael Kulick's show will be up soon from the AV Fashion Week show
Tonight we will be proving the...

This is what happens when I catch snippits from other people's conversations.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

so fucking catchy it should be illegal

It's 2010 freaks! Get Ready for Rum Diary.

So the movie production of belated writer, journalist, inspiration leader to an occult of freaks, Hunter S. Thompson's novel Rum Diary is said to hit theaters this year. I've been following this hype since the beginning and after months of delays, a change in directors (Bencio Del Toro to Bruce Robinson) and a walking-on-eggshells-approach to production, it is finally 2010 and eager fans are awaiting its arrival. Photographs of Johnny Deep, yes he is back again, as protagonist Paul Kemp crusing in a red stingray have leaked and though it is only February, one wonders whether this movie will come out this year.

Deep has always been a busy beaver and with Alice in Wonderland coming out next month, it will be some time until Rum Diary hits the big screen; thought it's not likely that a movie based on a Thompson novel could ever steal the thunder away from a Tim Burton film like Alice. But as a diehard Thompson fan, I'd prefer Kemp over the Mad Hatter any day.

It is possible for this movie to go straight to DVD or even just play in select theaters for no more than a couple of weeks, similiar to the 2008 Hunter documentary, Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Like the man who wrote the novel, this production will indeed be a feverish ride for a certain kind freaks so don't be bummed if said predictions are true. For those not familiar with the plot of Rum Diary, google it. For fans looking for updates on the release of Rum Diary, stay posted.


-----> Virtual Tour of Michael Kulick's Artwork CHECK THIS OUT!

This is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. I heard my cousin, Mike Kulick, talking to me for some time now about this guy who was making this incredible website for him. It's a virtual gallery of his artwork, paintings, drawings, you name it. You enter the site like a museum and use the "Tour Left" and "Tour Right" buttons on the bottom to browse through his work. There are buttons to take closer looks at the pieces and even a virtual elevator to take you to another floor in the Michael Kulick virtual museum. You have to play around with it to get a good feel but it's amazing. Granted I have seen all of these pieces in person but being away at school, it's like walking through my house. I'm stoked!


                                          Portrait of Rembranbt by Michael Kulick
                                                                 4ft x 3ft oil on canvas

4ft x 4ft oil on canvas

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He calls this one "Anxiety"

Title: Anxiety
4ft x 4ft oil on canvas
If you were to see this up close in person it would blow your mind with the amount of detail in it. Someone please advise me to how to get this guy on SUNY Purchase ahora!

always puts me in a good mood

7 Skulls...of madness

7 skulls by Michael Kulick
I walked down into my basement where this mastermind lives and he says "Jess come here. This is it. This is my greatest piece." I continued to stand in front of it for almost a half an hour. This picture doesn't do this painting justice, especially since it stands over 6ft tall. I advise everyone to buy a ticket to his show this Friday. If not, visit my home on Long Island and buy an original Micahel Kulick piece. My house is an art gallery. No joke.

Michael Kulick (painter) ArtShow

This Friday, Feb. 19th, my cousin and personal idol is having a HUGE Art Show in Manhattan for a Fashion Show for upcoming designers. He is the featured Visual Artist for the show. Not only his is style innovated, creative, LOUD and sheer awesomeness but this show is a big deal and you should go. I believe the cocktail hour begins at 7pm and goes until 10:30pm. Roy Arias Space 300 43W street, 5th Floor, NY.

Tickets are available at as is further information on this show.

check out Michael Kulick's artwork in my links (Michael Kulick's Artwork and Michael Kulick - Fine Art America)
find him on facebook and myspace.